If whilst improving your Spanish you are also interested in further developing your professional career, CERVANTES COLLEGE offers you the possibility to do so. We can provide you with an internship program in any of the companies or professional offices we have collaboration agreements with. This experience will not only give you the opportunity to fully emerge yourself in the language but also gives you the chance to experience working life in Spain, share and build your knowledge in your chosen field, developing you both professionally and personally.


We offer our students the possibility to gain working experience whilst studying at CERVANTES COLLEGE. We offer a wide range of exceptional internship placements in very well-known companies and offices in many different sectors including law, finance, consulting services, architecture, design, IT, import & export, pharmacies, international companies, etc.

*In order to participate in an Internship programme, applicants must fulfill some academic requirements and have a good level of Spanish. Internship duration varies from a minimum of 4 months to maximum of 9 months.


If you are interested in expanding your business or investing in Murcia, we offer you the possibility to improve your business Spanish and help you to get your project on the road and off to a positive start. We will help you find the required contacts you need to launch your business as well as guide you with the necessary Administrative bodies and paperwork, if needed . All in all, we offer you the complete support and assistance required for your business to be a success.