TERMS & CONDITIONS: Inscription has to be done following the procedure here below specified:

  • Students aged over 18 will have to fulfill Cervantes College inscription and reservation form sending it by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Student can hire the required service with Cervantes College (from now on referred as CERV.) either in situ paying the full price of it, and depending on availability, or previously reserve it.
  • CERV. will pre-confirm reservation by email to students within next 2 working days from reception of student’s email confirming, providing him/her a reservation number, the final total price to pay and all services included. The offer will be valid for the next 15 days. To confirm reservation a non-refundable deposit of 200€ must be paid by bank transfer to provided CERV.’s bank account and specifying as concept student’s name and reservation number. In case  the service to be rendered by CERV. to be less than 200€,  the deposit to be paid will be equal to the price for the reservation to be valid. In all cases, this deposit is not an extra charge and will be deducted from the total amount due to pay to CERV. for its services.The outstanding amount for the service rendered by CERV.  must be paid at least 2 weeks before the course starts. All payments will be made in EUROS.
  • CERV. reserves the right to cancel the student’s reservation if on the day of their arrival he/she or his/her agency has not paid the total sum of the service contracted by the student with CERV.
  • All bank charges have to be paid by the student. In the case whereby the bank charges to CERV. a commission for receipt of student’s payment, CERV. reserves the right to charge students this sum. Final prices for each service will be those specified by Cervantes College when pre-confirm and including any applicable taxes.
  • If 15 days previously to the start of the course just 2 students have been enrolled, CERV. reserves the right to cancel it offering the student an equivalent alternative or the refund of all amounts paid by the student to CERV. which will be refunded into the bank account specified by him/her. In case 3 or less students are enrolled in a course, lessons time might be reduced a 25%. In all cases, students will be always clearly and fully informed of this always rare and exceptional situation for them to decide
  • CERV. reserves the right to use all pictures and videos made during the stay of the student in our College except otherwise previously established in writing by the student. In accordance with the Law 15/1999 dated the 13th December related to the protection of personal data, CERV. informs its clients that their personal details will be stored in a data base under the supervision of CERV. and sill be used exclusively for commercial purposes and for company operations.
  • In case an enrolment fee to be applicable, it will    be valid for one year from the first reservation made for Cervantes College. Any courses reserved during this year can be made using the same enrolment fee.

DISSCOUNT AND OFFERS: Discounts cannot be accumulated and all of them have a set duration period. All offers and promotions will be applied at the time of booking and are only applicable when students are eligible for them when enrolling. All offers are subject to availability. There will be no changes made to bookings that have been received prior to the offer or promotion.

CANCELLATION AND MODIFICATION: Any cancellation must be in writing and sent to CERV. either by fax or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. specifying on it as a “matter” the word CANCELLATION  or  MODIFICATION together with full students name and CERV. reservation number. Otherwise, cancellation will not be taken into account.

All amounts paid will be refunded without any extra charge except the bank commission applicable for transfers-will be refunded in case student cancel/modify the service/s with prior notice of 2 months time.

If student cancel/modifies a service more than 1 month before the start date, the deposit of 200€ will not be refunded. In case the student has paid any other amount apart the deposit, CERV. will refund it and student will have to pay the commission applicable to the transfer.

If a student cancel/modifies a service more than 15 days before the start date, he/she will pay 40% of the total amount plus the 200€ deposit.

No refunds will be made without prior notice less than 15 days or once the service/s have/has started.

CERV. will not be responsible neither refund will be applicable for cancellations, modifications or pauses whilst the service is taking place due to the students’s personal reasons and/or health problems.

It is responsibility of the student to be in possession of the documentation in order to travel abroad and stay in Spain.

Should a student infringe the law in Spain or incur in serious disciplinary faults he/she will be expelled from CERV. without the right of a refund for any part of the service/s contracted with CERV. and will be responsible for any extra expenditure incurred by Cervantes College due to his/her behavior or acts.

REFUNDS: All refunds will have an administration charge of 50€ unless attributable to CERV. or otherwise specified in this contract

TRANSFERS: All students should give at least 7 days advance notice to CERV. of their arrival to Murcia with regard to the flight /train/bus/ cruiser details, arrival date and time to Spain and Murcia. Once notice is received, CERV.’s students will be given an emergency telephone number in Spain for them to contact us if required during the transfer and until arrival to Murcia.

CALENDAR: CERV. closes the following dates  1st and 6thJanuary, 19th March,17th, 18thand 22nd April, 1st May, 9th June, 15th August, 8th,  and 25th December. If one week course has 2 bank holidays, one lesson will be recovered and in any case payments are always done by week regardless bank holidays. Private lessons will be always recovered

ACCOMODATION: There is an applicable administration fee of 35€ for any accommodation booked through CERV.

CERV. cannot guarantee the desired accommodation if a student enrolls in a course within 4 weeks before start date.

Rentals are available per weeks being the first day for accommodation Sunday before course/program/activity starts from 12pm and last day will always be the Saturday after the end of the course/program/activity at 13pm.

Extra nights might be available if beforehand and in sufficient time in advance informed.

Should a student be unhappy with accommodation provided and if this situation is clearly justified, the student should inform immediately the Housing Coordinator, so as to make the desired changes as soon as possible.

Accommodation supplement  of 150€  per person/week will be applicable during Easter and the following week of “Fiestas de Primavera” for students taking Spanish courses of less than 4 weeks and  including these dates.

At arrival all students must sign the rental agreement and provide CERV. with his/her  personal  ID document/passport as well as pay the correspondent deposit if their stay is for more than 4 weeks or provide with details of a credit card if less than 4 weeks. CERV. is informed periodically about the rental and if any incident has occurred. In case any incident happens CERV. will take any necessary step to resolve the situation.

Accommodation fees include the stay according to the needs specified by the student as well as water, gas and electricity bill up to a maximum amount. Any consumption over will be directly charged to the students.

In case of losing the keys of the accommodation the student will be charged with 40€ and get a new key.

The student will be as well charged for the replacement of broken items due to either negligence or by intention.

In the case of a serious disciplinary offence, repeated bad behavior, the student will be expelled from the accommodation contracted without the right to any refund.

The distance form accommodation to Cervantes College is 15 minutes on average.

INSURANCE: Every student must have appropriate insurance to cover any incident that might happen during his/her stay. CERV. will not be in any case responsible for accident, lost or damages to students or their belongings during classes, in apartments or any other activity organized by Cervantes College. If you are interested we can help you to take an insurance tailored to your needs and from 60€.

Any bookings or payments confirm the acceptance of the agreement with all these conditions. No signatures are necessary for the agreement.

*Service/s = course/program/activity/accommodation service